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How It Works

Procerin’s primary ingredient Serenoa repens (aka Saw Palmetto) targets the enzyme that produces DHT; in turn, repairing hair follicles and stimulating significant hair growth. This is highly effective in fighting baldness because DHT is the culprit that damages hair follicles and single-handedly causes male pattern baldness.

We know that the male body converts 10% of its testosterone into DHT. For men who have a genetic predisposition to early balding, it is because they inherit a DHT sensitivity that disrupts the normal environment of the scalp. While Procerin does not change your DHT sensitivity directly, it targets the enzyme that produces DHT and discourages the process that leads to hair loss.

By interfering with the enzyme (5α-reductase) that facilitates this production of DHT, we are able to block and effectively fight balding. As a result, 90%+ of Procerin users report that it is tremendously beneficial in combating hair loss, and strongly recommend it to friends and family.

Procerin’s 3-part system includes Hair Regrowth Complex (Dietary Supplement), Scalp Therapy Foam, and Scalp Therapy Shampoo. As such, Procerin attacks male pattern baldness on multiple fronts – both from within the body and externally on the scalp itself.

Hair Regrowth Complex

✔ Serenoa repens targets the key enzyme involved in causing baldness

✔ High-quality natural complex optimizes male hormones

Scalp Therapy Foam

✔ Dismantles DHT function to restore a healthy scalp for maximum hair growth

✔ Capixyl restores the follicle damage caused by DHT sensitivity

Scalp Therapy Shampoo

✔ Olive leaf extract and panthenol repair, thicken and strengthen your hair

✔ Cleanses the scalp of DHT and reconditions it for abundant hair regrowth

Procerin’s Hair Regrowth Complex and Scalp Therapy Foam are infused with heavy-hitting active ingredients that quickly eradicate DHT, while Scalp Therapy Shampoo reconditions your scalp for maximum hair growth. Used together on an ongoing basis for 60-90+ days, Procerin provides the only hair regrowth solution you need.

Quite simply, Procerin is extremely effective. In fact, Procerin’s effectiveness has been demonstrated in an Independent Review Board sponsored clinical study. By targeting the underlying cause of male pattern baldness, Procerin is superior to products that attempt to resolve hair loss using a one-size-fits-all approach.